Kernow studio.17'

Emily Lamb  

(b 1985)


I wanted to create a website that reflects visually where I have come from and where I am today.  A collection of work derived from many travels and a quiet meditation on art, environment, and the energy that connects us all.

I'm forever inspired by the universe as we try to make sense of it through words, and images and tales.  The Ancient is a space I believe has been neglected in our present psyche, and where our failings could be nurtured back to health and revival. In my mind's eye, art allows space and dialogue, line and freedom of thoughts to explore how and where these bridges can be made. 

"…we have become apologetic for being dispassionate, spontaneous, raw, territorial, protective, and angry" (Ian Mc Callum/Ecological Intelligence.)

I feel a constant homesickness of sorts to Nature, especially, Africa.  My Fascination with the order of Nature and Human existence within this, lends a direction to painting and steady flow of purpose.  My ideas change frequently, and it is the urgency to work that is most necessary given the changing tides of present day and wonderful discoveries , undoing what we thought we knew as gospell. That is where I find most splendour. 

I've enjoyed studio time on the road, living in Africa sporadically, and have spent most years until now chasing dreams and finding adventure.  Exhibitions once or twice a year for the last decade have been a combination of fundraising for wildlife and my travels, and exploring the ways in which different cultures and countries have shaped my own style and vision. 

I currently live and work from a studio in Cornwall/Kernow, UK.  For now, the Cornish coast boasts a wildness and serenity that brings strength to painting, and visions for travel. 

Projects & Exhibitions to date :

Exhibition platforms :

Christie's auction house, London.  

RountreeTryon, London.  

The David Shepherd Foundation, London.  

Private exhibition in Johannesburg.  

Bonhams, guest artist at auction for 'Status Quo Pictures' in aid of the Princes Trust. 

Cork Street Gallery, London.

Iona house Gallery, Oxford.

Mews Gallery, Mayfair.

I have enjoyed art residency's at :

Londolozi Game Lodge, South Africa.

Robin Pope Safaris, Zambia

Projects & Exhibitions in 2017:

Concept piece for Wildlife : A Fundraising and awareness film, collaborating with (, and the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation ( to produce a mammoth 80ft painting as a circular piece. Filmed and edited with footage from around the world, focusing on wildlife and conservation as the main theme. 

Christie's Ambassadors Exhibition. (info in 'Blog')

Solo London show, RountreeTryon. (info in 'Blog')

2018 is set to be a year of travel and simple living, with open vista’s unknown as of yet, and art a constant source of expression and way to survive. I look forward to the humans yet to meet, all the wild places unseen and those i shall fondly revisit, and of course seeing what energy transpires through paint brush to surface.

Some photos of life as I like to live it :