Daily Sketch for Wildlife- Instagram campaign. £100 /100% proceeds go to fighting wildlife crime.


I began a wildlife campaign in January quite by accident. I had just moved to Cape Town alone, to start a new adventure in life and be close to the wildlife and wild spaces I love and call home.  The idea came from craving a relief from the bigger and more time consuming painting projects i had embarked upon in my apartmenQuite impulsively, I sat down and started sketching a Rhino. It took me just 30 minutes.  When your mind is still and present, 30 minutes doing something you love, just flies by.  I posted the sketch online, together with a small narrative about the desperate plight of rhinos and added a £100 price tag.  To my surprise, It sold instantly and so I made a promise right there and then to commit just 30 minutes everyday for a year, donating every penny to help save wildlife - ’The Voiceless'.  More than 90 days in, I have raised a fair amount of funds to help keep various projects alive and operational and raised awareness for the work of The David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation and several other small grassroots conservation groups which really are making a different to wildlife survival.  This is all through the simple daily practice and commitment of being of service to others with the skills i love and trust.

When you believe in something and trust yourself completely, are totally committed to actually putting one foot in front of the other, magic things start to happen. Opportunities arise, and doors open. Poets, musicians, artists and philosophers alike, have well documented the ‘laws of attraction’ throughout history and celebrated the simple truth that when you follow your calling and listen to yourself, there are no limits.

With this wildlife campaign came other open doors.  I have also embarked on an ‘Earthlings Campaign’.  Earthlings is a 2005 American documentary detailing the horrors of humanity's use of animals as pets, food, clothing, entertainment, and for scientific research.   Doing the thing I know best, I am using my art to raise funds and awareness to fight the unbelievable cruelty inflicted on animals for economic purposes.  

I’ve now almost doubled the amount I have raised for 'the voiceless’ - and it’s not about to stop. 

The 30 minute daily sketch for wildlife campaign has shown me that it’s not about thinking at all, it’s reacting to something that makes our hearts pulse the hardest and our eyes shine the brightest. The campaign has sparked off various other initiatives all related to the welfare and liberation of animals.  This is my undying passion and purpose.