Starting with the basics. Whether you have seen the documentary Earthlings (link below), or not, this information is here to help if you want to explore taking further steps.

I’m working on providing more information on this page, but in the interim here are some links that I’ve found helpful in my journey: - ( this is amazing , you have a ‘vegan mentor’ who volunteers to support you in daily choices and queries) (meal planners..)

Documentaries you might find interesting :

  • What the Health (Netflix, youtube)

  • Cowspiracy (Netflix, youtube)

  • Before the Flood (Netflix - and

  • Earthlings (Netflix, Youtube)

  • Fork over Knives (Netflix -

  • Carnage (youtube)

  • Dominion (website)

Podcasts/Youtube - my favourite inspirational leaders and mentors :

  • Earthling Ed

  • James Aspey

  • Rich Roll

Instagram has a vast amount of diets/information/stats/website links/activist programmes/groups and discussions if you use this platform. Find some key people to follow (like above) and the doors fly open for positive (and enjoyable!) connections.